Various Obi Belts

Obi belts also known as sash belts,Tie belts and Wrap belts.
Obi belts are available in widths from 1 to 8 inches wide. We have a vast selection of width to suit every body type and size waist.
You can tie Obi belts around dresses and separates plus they also look amazing around cardigans and coats.

Love YaaYaa obi belts are made from Real leather, Suede and Ankara Wax print cotton. All our belts are handcrafted in the UK with a lined centre panel and slit on one side, to ensure a comfortable fit.

We have over 50 colours with sizing from petite to plus size
299 results
Black Shiny Corset Obi Belt Soft Leather, Wide Waist Belt, Leather obi belt,  Corset Belt, Plus size belts - loveyaayaa
Black Leather Wax Print corset Belt | African Mono Print Obi Belt - loveyaayaa
Black Leather Pink square Print Obi Belt | Ankara Wax Print - loveyaayaa
Black Leather Corset Belt | Waist Obi Belt | Corset Leather belt | Black Obi Belt | Waist sash tie Belt | Plus Size Belt | Black Corset Belt - loveyaayaa
Black Croc Obi Belt | Tulip style - loveyaayaa
Black Croc Leather Obi Belt - loveyaayaa
Black and White African Print Obi Belt - loveyaayaa
Beige soft Leather Obi Belt tulip tie - loveyaayaa
Baby Blue soft Leather Tulip Tie Obi Belt - loveyaayaa
Baby Blue soft Leather Obi Belt - loveyaayaa
African wax Print Black Leather Obi Belt - loveyaayaa
299 results
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